2 strangers’ dogs met each other in store owners looked at their ears and realized they are twins

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2 strangers’ dogs met each other in store owners looked at their ears and realized they are twins

strong bond of feelings

These two wonderful dogs are clear proof of feelings between dogs that. Read her incredible story below.

Pam Corwin was out shopping when something caught her attention.

Two identical dogs came in and greet each other. It looked like they were standing around each other for life.

But as Pam then talked to the dog owners, I found out they had never met before. The dogs were foreign to each other.

Adopted from Russia

Pam and the dog owners initially did not know the right reason. But then they talked to each other about dog wallpapers and discovered an incredible coincidence.

They adopted their dogs from Russia a year ago. They even traveled to the United States on the same plane.

Identical tattoos

Both dogs had tattoos in their ears where they showed where they came from - and to their amazement, the angel discovered that the tattoo was identical. The dogs were siblings!

A year later, the two dogs met each other at the store. They should have had a great relationship before, given how happy they were with each other.

Pam filmed the event and posted the video on Facebook.

Almost 3 million people watched the clip. In a commentary alongside the video, the tree says the reunion lasted more than half an hour and the property owners exchanged numbers so the siblings would meet again.

Watch the Dog Reunion here:


This video made me very happy! Dogs are very smart and they never forget their family.

It is a real miracle that he meets them again. I hope to meet them a lot in the future. Share the story if it felt like you too! [ Source ]

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