4 year old little girl feeds and controls 6 pitbulls all by herself

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4 year old little girl feeds and controls 6 pitbulls all by herself

little girls dogs

Nina Waal posted this beautiful video of her 4-year-old niece, Paisley Rose, totally controlling six Hunger Pit Bulls.

It's easy to see why the internet video of a little girl spreading and then feeding itself, 6 big heads. But many animal rights activists are taking to social media to worry about the viral clip.

But in the clip below, we see the exact opposite.

They chase one after the other, asking them to stay while pouring buckets of narcissus on a hill on the ground. Then the girl counted on three before saying "good" to the dogs, and then they quietly ate the stack of food.

They are so disciplined that they are able to resist the rush of eating, even when it smells right in front of them.

When that little girl finally realizes it's time to spoil, she continues to show great discipline and control and does not stray over food even though she is stumbling around with honey.

Apart from being an adorable video that shows the beautiful connection between dogs and owners, it also comes to prove that a dog’s behavior depends more on the way that dog was brought up and less on its breed.

What do you think about this sweet moment between a little girl and her dogs?


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