A Dog Was Expected To Be Pregnant With 9 Puppies The Scan Got A Wrong Number

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A Dog Was Expected To Be Pregnant With 9 Puppies The Scan Got A Wrong Number

The dog was actually expecting more than nine puppies!

Meet Natasha White and Alicia Copping from the West Midlands Coventry. The proud owners of the beloved Irish host Romy, both of whom are preparing to become mothers for the first time!

Four weeks after Romy pregnancy, ultrasound examination of Natasha, a dog breeder, qualified for the Association for the Blind for Guide Dogs. He thought that Rummy would have 8 or 9 puppies in total.

The average litter of Irish masters is covered by nine or less.. but no one expected that to happen 😇

The story made a surprising turn when the owners gave birth to nine wonderful dogs as expected on November 24, 2011. However, the 10th puppy arrived soon, which shocked them!

Rumi quickly ran out after the 10th puppy, so the owners took him for a walk around the park. "That was it" thought - but it didn't take long. Two hours later, Rumi gave birth to the eleventh puppy. This was followed by 4 other young people! The last puppy, nicknamed the "Red Boy", was the largest litter puppy weighing 339 grams / 11.9 ounces.

The new Irish Setter mother, Romy, She gave birth to a 15 healthy litter.

The couple, both White and Copping were actually surprised the same time, and they were excited to welcome the pack litter of puppies. After dog got the puppies delivered, both owners are taking full care of the dog and the pups..

After a 3-weeks all the puppies have been sold and gone to their new homes, Expect one special pup

Its the 15th puppy, Red Boy! he’s growing up well with his beautiful mother, Romy!

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