A man saves a cat, and together they go on all adventures

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A man saves a cat, and together they go on all adventures

Even if you are not a cat, you will love Millie! She is a cat, unlike any other you have ever seen. This open kitten goes on all imaginable adventures with its owner, Craig Armstrong. And the pictures posted to his Instagram account are proof!

This is Millie. She is not an ordinary cat at all.

Her father Craig is an explorer of mountains, canyons and deserts.

He always wanted a pet who would like to accompany him on his many adventures.

He found this animal in Milli. She climbed onto his shoulders at the adoption agency, and he knew that it was her.

Millie has been training to get ready for the weekend!

First they went to local parks, where she learned to climb trees, and he could still be next to her.

Adventure soon became much bigger and better.

Whatever they did, he always made sure she was safe.

But Millie really slowed down the exploring. You know how cats love to see every detail ...

But it really brought out the beauty in it all and gave Craig even more appreciation for nature.

Although Millie loves to take her time and explore, she can get around as good as anyone. Look at those big jumps!

She’s the same exact way at home.

She has all of her own gear to ensure that she is safe wherever they go.

Craig always makes sure that Millie has safe shelter in case they run into any wild animals along the way.

But this cat has seen some things. Many humans only see this stuff in photos.

And it makes nap time that much sweeter!

Millie is one lucky kitty with a very special dad.

The time and patience he put into training her is incredible.

But it was totally worth it to him!

…And make the jumps that no one else can!

The fact that Craig and Millie can spend so much time together makes their bond extra strong. It’s a very unique friendship, that’s for sure!

You can write a whole book or make a movie about Millie's adventures! These best friends are inseparable and represent incredible stories.

h/t: pawmygosh

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