Aggressive Dog Changed His Attitude While Meeting His New Friend Goose

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Aggressive Dog Changed His Attitude While Meeting His New Friend Goose

Rex and his dear friend groose

Rex was about to fall asleep from his aggression. It will only take two people to feed him. One person will have to catch your eye at one end of the dog house while the other quickly slide their food bowl to the other side. His history of abuse made him turn to aggression as a coping mechanism. He could not trust human beings. Nothing was done to change his behavior until he met Geraldine

Sheila Breslin of Puriton explained, "At first we thought he was stalking her and they quarreled over who her boss was, but she resisted, and that was the case, they just fell in love with each other." "They snuggle together and Rex put his leg on her to protect her. In the morning they have breakfast together. It's great to see them."

Rex meets with a goose that friend will change his life

Workers were worried about what's going to happen when they will meet

Out of nowhere, They fall in love and became best friends!

As you can see they have such sweet cuddlings together

They enjoy playing together every day.

From time to time they get to have long walks in the park

When you learn about Geraldine's past, they are not as strange as originally thought. She was a family pet, but it wasn't long until she was abandoned. They took her to Puriton and covered her with other birds. But Rex was who he wanted to be with.

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