Alaskan Man Found A Family of Lynx Playing On His Porch

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Alaskan Man Found A Family of Lynx Playing On His Porch

An Alaskan man named Tim Newton woke up one night due to some strange noises coming from his front yard. He was a little excited and scared because he believed that thieves were trying to enter his house. Soon he put on his robe and rushed to the door. This is when you find the best scene he has ever seen. No one was trying to steal or hurt him, but the beautiful Link family used his stoops just for fun.

Seeing them from this proximity was a real pleasure for the soul. It was a perfect touch of nature that revolved around Tim's eyes.

The screams around them lasted about forty minutes, then they headed for the forest and continued the game in the wild. Best of all, they stayed long enough for Tim to take some great photos and show off on social networks. Well, he has every right to do so, since few can say that they have a lynx mother, and her children visit the home yard.

The photos of the Lynx family became viral, and people commented on how they really want to live in Alaska and the ability to communicate with wild animals in such close contacts.

“He was at dawn. I heard some noise. Newton was interviewed by the, it was like scrabbling on deck. ” I got out of my dream and thought, “What the hell is this?”

“So I put on my robe and slowly hid the curtain. There, two feet from him, was a small cat. He sat there and watched his brothers and sisters run. ”

“They ran back and forth, jumping at each other. I started to rise. I thought: “Wow! What an incredible luck. It hits everyone. That's cool! “They were very good. It tasted good. ”

“They started playing again. For the next forty minutes, they all played on the deck. They chased each other, rode and fought. "

However, before you decide to leave everything behind and move to beautiful and snowy Alaska so that you can enjoy nature and the wisdom of the wild, the fact that cases like the ones Tim experienced are very rare. Lynx is a wild cat, and like any other relative, they stay away from people and hunt at night.

However, it is protected under the Endangered Species Act. But people are still hunting for their beautiful fur.

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