An Abandoned Calf Becomes Befriends Some Unusual Buddies

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An Abandoned Calf Becomes Befriends Some Unusual Buddies

Much as James likes his bovine friends

Emily and Adam Hobson got into the cattle business by mistake. They lived on a farm in Asheville, North Carolina, and had been in his family since the 18th century when job loss forced them to get creative. They have upland cattle.

A few years after starting their herd, they found a calf wandering in a wooded area. The calf, which they called James, appeared to have suffered brain damage: it suffered from "weak calf syndrome" and could not breastfeed normally.

The family brought the helpless calf home and bottle-fed it.

When it became clear that James was quickly going to be too old to live at the house, Adam built him a fenced area in the yard. James only spent two weeks at the house, but in that short time he formed a friendship with the dogs in the family. Not only that, but he started to take inspiration from it.

He loves to be cuddled and cuddled, just like dogs. He even likes to give his version of "kisses" to dogs. Once James lived in the backyard, he still loved to have fun with his canine friends, although as he got older his headbutt became a lot more for the dogs.

The Hopsons are trying to get James back into the herd of cattle, but they don't want anything to do with it.

They either intimidated him or ignored him. So we bought two more orphans to accompany him. Since they are orphans, they are the perfect companions of James.

We took them to a bigger pasture with other cows, but they all hang out in their little group, and now the other calves think they're the cool crowd and want to join in and hang out with them. ''

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