Beautiful married couple who have down’s syndrome celebrates their 25 year anniversary

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Beautiful married couple who have down’s syndrome celebrates their 25 year anniversary

Idea of love forever is not an idea that we can all relate to. Those who always look for "soul" may be especially naive about this idea. But there is also plenty of evidence to support it, and for many of us it is a beautiful inspiring idea. Many incredible wonderful things can happen from love.

Paul and Chris Sharon Deforg, 58 and 54, despite all obstacles, may testify to the power of love. Both have Down syndrome, but they refuse to stop life's challenges. According to the reader, Scharoun-DeForges is proud of a longer marriage than any couple born with Down syndrome.

Paul and Chris have not been married for years, their story has inspired many couples from around the world. The couple got married a quarter of a century ago and their love was strong and strong.

Of course, when you hear Chris or Paul. Chris talked abou

t his first meeting thirty years ago when they crossed the street while dancing. They were immediately withdrawn.

Chris said, “I looked into his eyes and saw my future. My world is opening up. ”

Valentine's plans

Couples love St. Valentine's Day, be sure to do something special every year. Even though each day is unique to the couple, it looks forward to Valentine's Day. Chris always makes Paul out of the home card, and when he gets back from work, he heads for dinner. They have an amazing bond, shining every second they spend together.

Last year, however, V-Day was super-special for these lovebirds, as they celebrated their Silver Anniversary. How beautiful is that.

Of course, the relationship between Sharon and Devorgo shows no signs of disappearing. Unfortunately, Chris's husband recently overcame dementia at an early stage, which is unfortunately common in people with Down's syndrome. He moved into a nearby house where he could get the support he needed, but his wife was always there for him.

Chris explained: “When I was told, I started crying. That's my life. "I don't want to be without him."

Despite all the challenges they faced, Paul and Chris moves on andovercomed them. The couple knows that as long as they love each other, nohing else matters. It is a strong knowledge, but it is still rare.

These days, we can all learn something from this amazing couple. Share the story with your friends

h/t: Viral Hatch

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