Brain game riddle imagine the father’s fourth son’s name

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Brain game riddle imagine the father’s fourth son’s name

Creating puzzles and mental quizzes is a great and fun way to sharpen your mind. We can all use brain stimulation instead of watching the screen or talking about working with our colleagues.

Problem solving and puzzle learning is a great way to add a little variety and spice to your daily life. I think we all need this more than ever. It’s so much fun to face some challenges now and then!

When I visit my grandparents, they often find crossword puzzles, solve sudoku or other puzzles. That being said, it keeps their minds fresh and alert - and I believe that.

Awakening your brain with such problems is beneficial and rewarding for you.

I know how slow and lazy it is to watch TV or videos on the internet for a while. Sitting down with something that makes you think and meditate is a great way to revitalize your colleges. It really wakes you up and burns you out.

One in five gets it right

I found this puzzle earlier this week. Apparently, one in 5 will fit on the first try. I think it sounds weird because it wasn’t that hard - but it makes you think twice.

I think this applies to a lot of puzzles and riddles - you have to understand them right away or sit back and think about them for a long time before you find the answer.

But here's the puzzle:

Simon’s father has four sons: March, April and May - but what is the name of his fourth son?

So did you find the answer?

You can really read the question and solve it!

If you already know this, congratulations - you’re a terrible thing (well, you’re at least a lot of people). You are the 20 percent who know the answer to this difficult puzzle right away.

If you can't solve the puzzle, the answer is:

The name of his fourth son is Simon. “Simon’s father has four sons ...” That means he’s one of Simon’s sons!

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