Cat surprisingly becomes a lovely father to 7 baby chihuahuas

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Cat surprisingly becomes a lovely father to 7 baby chihuahuas

We are used to seeing stories about how a mother cat or dog mother volunteered to be the mother of a completely different type of baby, and we concluded that it may be due to the "mother instincts" of these parents. We associate the wonderful bond formed with the ability of all mothers to care for anything fragile or weak, possibly nature.

But this story is much more special than the one I read. These five young Chihuahua boys in Bangkok, Thailand claim that Utah, Hana, Nami, Moka and Kuma took the world online by storm due to the unlikely guardian.

Beloved children with their parents, Chihuahua live in harmony with the care of their human mother, with the help of a special hand: Richie. He is a cat. Yes. Male cat

The white and gray cat named Ritchie as he is the father figure to these small cuties

He is not totally used to it, knowing that male cats do not take care of his kitten, and he also seems to have picked up the girl from his eyes, the smallest of the group, Kuma.

Wherever Richie goes, you'll always notice Kuma follows Daddy the cat.

During siesta time, Richie knows her duty to provide a soft and comfortable space for Chihuahua kids. Sure, this cat loves the little adoptive cat a lot! What a nice family!

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