Courageous Guy Stopped His Car So He Can Help a Kitten In A Busy Road

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Courageous Guy Stopped His Car So He Can Help a Kitten In A Busy Road


Security camera footage in Russia captured the dramatic rescue of a kitten. In the pictures, the kitten can be seen frightened in the middle of the road. Trucks and cars approach the cat, you hardly miss her. Several trucks drive over the terrified animal.

No one stopped or asked for help. The poor little capricious's life was in danger and he was trying everything he could to crawl by the side of the road.

That's when a guy pulled up in a Peugeot. He got out of his car and started to approach the cat.

Knowing that the little boy must be afraid of adversity, he walked over to him, leaned down, and reached out to check on the cat.

It is never a good idea to stop on a busy road like this to save a small creature because this act in itself could cause an accident, but we are very happy that this brave man did. And fortunately, no one, including a kitten, was injured.

After the accident, a local Russian news site tracked down the hero to find out what happened to the kitten next. The man, Denis Degtyarev from Kaliningrad explained: `` The cat turned out to be very small, and unable even to eat, so I took him to the sports school where my kids were, and with the help of kind people, we found a new home for him.

Watch the exciting video below:

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