Deployed soldier sends his home t-shirt for his dog to think of him when smell it

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Deployed soldier sends his home t-shirt for his dog to think of him when smell it

Rachel and JD Aument are dog lovers who love to share their home with their best four-legged friends.

So when they found a lovely dog named Brindle in one of the local shelters, they only knew that it belonged to them. The fact is that they already had a dog named Xavier who was very attached to his human mother. So somehow it became quite natural for JD to become Brindle's favorite.

Brendel loved her new home and new environment, and no matter how much she loved Rachel, she loved dinars a little more.

The cute dog made sure to follow his father every step of the way, so it wasn't surprising that Brendell's mood changed and he became so depressed when the JD was sent abroad.

Speaking of Brendell's condition, Rachel said: "He's so sad without him here. He loves me, don't get me wrong, but I'm not his person. He has days when he just sits in the front window, he cries."

JD knew that his dog was suffering, but there wasn't much he could do. He was calling home repeatedly, but his voice was different on the phone and Brendel did not recognize that his friend was calling.

But then JD came up with a great idea of ​​how to encourage Brindle. He took one of his smelly shirts and sent it home. He hoped that Brendel would recognize his scent and knew that JD had not given it up.

He was right. The moment Rachel put the shirt on the floor, Brendel walked and started to smell. The dog's crying became an emotion in an instant. He could not stop running around the shirt and rubbing his face on him.

she pulled out his phone and filmed everything. After I sent him to a JD, he was brought to tears.

Two months after receiving the shirt, Brendel was able to see his friend in person and the meeting was very touching. Brindle can now spend the time you want about JD to be posted again.

Check out the video below :)

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