Dog helps a pregnant mother cat to deliver her kittens

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Dog helps a pregnant mother cat to deliver her kittens

Nature always surprises us with its wonders, and today we notice something incredible betwenn a dog and a cat, The have feelings too and they share connections just as we do with each other.

She thought to herself and said the cat needs help and went on to give her a hand to deliver the cat's babies

Labor can be painful, but while humans get a lot of help during this process, animals give birth alone in the wild.

Pet owners who have to watch their pets during labor will tell you that there is not much to do except for their presence because they do what they do.

In this video, the cat is giving birth to her kitten. She has an unusual helper, a lovable dog.

The dog is there for the whole process. He is there for her, whether she wants it or not.

Not only that, the dog licks each of the kittens as the cat is born as if they were welcoming them in the world or telling them they care.

The dog is very cute and loving. It is interesting that the cat did not object to the dog touching and caring for her kittens. Obviously they have a really special bond and we just know that the dog will be there to help raise kitties.

Check out the hot video below.

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