Dog named Denali refuses to leave cancer-stricken owner’s side

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Dog named Denali refuses to leave cancer-stricken owner’s side

When Ben Tenali first met, love was at first sight.

Oregon photographer and surfer Ben has split from his girlfriend, and his life has taken a new turn.

Deciding to leave everything, he took Denali on a journey. Then they lived a Bedouin life in the Oregon wilderness.

Soon the duo's journey will cover the entire West Coast. From the deserts to the beaches, the unforgettable duo covered them. It is a life full of adventure and happiness.

Ben and Denali have long lived in the woods, in the neighborhood. They slept in a car and took it as they came every day. But life will soon take a terrible turn.

well nothing for long

Penn was diagnosed with cancer in June 2004. Denali was always right next to him - even the doctors allowed him to sleep in the same room as Ben. During operations and treatment, Denali has always been close to her owner, and her healing power played a big part in Ben's recovery.

The In end was he was full recovered.

Friends still spent ten great years together. They have traveled and made many wonderful discoveries. They lived their entire lives.

But in early 2014, Denali was diagnosed with cancer. Then he promised not to let him suffer. It was like the dog knew exactly what its owner wanted for an extra month. The only thing he heard was that Denali would still be out for a month, so he could book a movie that paid tribute to him.

About a month after Denali was diagnosed, at midnight, she began to have a terrible cough. Ben and Denali played on the beach together the next day. But the next morning, Denali gave her owner an undeniable look - it was time to move on.

Denali was 14 years old.

The film, recorded in Denali's view and prepective, is a beautiful tribute to the man's best friend and it's hard to resist the tears. such faithful a loyal dog!

Below is the Denali Och Penn Emotional Movie. It takes 7 minutes, recommended to be watched. Tears drop out of me.

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