Dog Spent His Entire Life Tied to a Pole. Starts Moving Free To A Loving Home

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Dog Spent His Entire Life Tied to a Pole. Starts Moving Free To A Loving Home

Although Buddy, who is only three, did not have the easiest start to life. It was neglected and abandoned by its previous owners, who moved away and left it tied to a tree. The friendly neighbors continued to feed him as they tried to find a way to help.

A woman named Bari wanted to take care of him, but since her other dog didn't get on well with other dogs, she couldn't. She built a temporary home for Buddy in her own backyard, which was fine until the weather got colder, and it was also discovered that Buddy had health issues like heartworms and skin. New accommodation was urgently needed. However, it would not be easy to find accommodation.

Lindsey Hyslop, who works in the country music industry in Toronto and travels regularly to Tennessee. One day her sister was on Petfinder and she discovered Buddy. Lindsey wanted to adopt him, but due to her work and all the trips she undertook, this was not possible. However, that didn't stop them from helping Buddy.

She raised enough money to make it good enough for travel, then went to Nashville and bought it at the TEAM Dog Rescue Center in Canada, which until its found a foster home for buddy can be found forever.

Buddy went to a loving foster home and learn what it's like to live in a home, walk on a leash and have toys and a bed like other happy dogs.

Lindsay said that Buddy is very special. He is the cutest and happiest boy, despite all that he has experienced. "

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