Dogs adore their special bus of Arat Montoya the Doggie school service for all dogs

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Dogs adore their special bus of Arat Montoya the Doggie school service for all dogs

the best bus ever

Meet Arat Montoya, owner, and founder of the Doggy School Bus

In 2016, Montoya joined the Doggie School Bus Inc. Daycare Dog Service in West Linn City, Oregon. In the first two weeks, he opened his company, and the Doggie School bus became very known where he lives and got to work with several customers.

“I got 16 clients in two weeks. People would go for bananas. “Montoya told Oregon Life, kindly remembering the moment. The demand for dog grooming service has increased so much that he has to buy new and larger vehicles to drive dogs around.

Doggie School Bus offers the daycare stay along with pick-up and drop-off service. The dogs can’t wait for the bus to show up, and you can even see the one waiting in the window for it!

This is where dogs spend most of their day. At two in the evening, he pushes them from house to house. Montoya charges his customers $ 30 for a day of service.

Montoya currently has more than 300 clients and operates several groups of dogs. He can usually feed an average of 20 dogs a day, and he can increase the number to 30 or more dogs if he treats puppies in good behavior.

According to Montoya, the best part about doing all this is that he enjoys the company of the dogs and that they also like to play with other dogs. He said, “I’m the happiest man in the world, whatever I do what I do.”

The dogs have a good time on the bus, and Arat is living his dream job and it’s his own idea.


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