Family Pit Bull saves a little 9-year-old boy’s life by scaring off burglar

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Family Pit Bull saves a little 9-year-old boy’s life by scaring off burglar

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In recent years, a wave of fear has surged around the bull pit. Many people wondered if these creatures are making good family dogs. The thing is, people started to generalize the breed based on some stories published in the media. However, the fact that Pit Bulls were once considered breeding dogs is a different story than this very kind and friendly canines. They are also very loyal and thrive as part of the family.

For one family, pit bulls turned out to be lifesavers. Shane Smith, 9, was home alone when a burglar broke into his home. The man was wearing a mask and intended to steal valuables and possibly kidnap the boy, but his intentions were cut short thanks to a family dog named Baby.

The boy was not upset when he heard that someone was entering his house because he believed it was his mother who was trying to open the door. Seconds later, he realized he was a stranger. This is when he really freaked out.

"I was in the blink of an eye and I was really scared. Because I was home and I didn't know who I was, and my dogs were the only protection I had," Shane said, speaking to KOLN.

"He seemed to love me because when he saw me, he was walking slowly towards me and not looking at anything else." She kept her eyes on me. "

This is when he starts calling the name of a boy who came to save him. No one really knows what would have happened if it weren't for the dog. Fortunately, she managed to chase the thief, but when he fought, he closed the curtains over her before escaping.

The neighbor, who realized what had happened, called Shane's mother and told her about the accident. He returned home as soon as possible. Fortunately, her son was not injured due to his brave and loyal dog.

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