Hero Guy Risks His Life To Save His Dog Standing Up To A Kangaroo

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Hero Guy Risks His Life To Save His Dog Standing Up To A Kangaroo

the Australian

Australian man did something really cool with the video you are going to watch. But he now appears to be he is facing backlash

You see the guy in the video working to help his dog.

The man and some friends were fishing in the Australian bush when the kangaroo arrived. What happens next will really give you a shock!

the man who was in pigs hunting with his dog and several friends in the New South Wales countryside watched his hunting dog in the big kangaroo. The man, 34-year-old Greg Tomkins, is said to have applied to help his dog.

Surprised, the kangaroo did not allow the dog to go. Tonkins, who told the media that he wanted to scare the kangaroo and give his dog a chance to retreat, hit a marsupial face.

"This man is so lucky he could have been killed." says Marco Festa-Bianchet , a National Geographic explorer..

The kangaroos attack the dog and begin choking him. Then the dog owner rushes to the rescue and the kangaroo leaves his dog. But the man is now in danger and has to hit the kangaroo in the face to get out.

This is a very emotional video and some animal lovers are talking against this pet.


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