Hungry great dane started to complain because the food is late

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Hungry great dane started to complain because the food is late

Don't you hate when people don't respect your time? It is completely disrespectful to let someone wait, whether on the corner of the street or in your own bowl of food!

Dog Max has a flawless sense of time. He knows that he always gets his share of boiled chicken at exactly five o'clock! He knows this as a fact, and he expects his pot to be present, filled with delicious meat.

If pets know how to save time, dogs are some of them. Dog experts say that if you happen to teach a dog to do a certain thing at a certain time, these beautiful creatures will always do this without fail.

Another amazing thing with dogs is that they always keep time, and if you are late as the owner, they will remind you.

In the video below, we meet a dog named Max from the great Danish dynasty. When the owners ate a little to prepare his dinner, which was supposed to be at five, Max filed a complaint.

The owners admit that this is the fifth time, and to reassure him, give him a piece of chicken to be patient.

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