Husky Tries In A Cute Way To Wake Up A Little Baby Boy

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Husky Tries In A Cute Way To Wake Up A Little Baby Boy

Baby Boy

On milperthusky's YouTube channel, where owners post videos of their dog Millie, a Husky breed, a lovely video has landed there these days.

In the last video, Millie Husky wakes a boy named Parker.

Parents wrote below the video that their son Parker is falling asleep nearly every day, and that dog Millie always waits for the opportunity to meet the boy again at around 2pm.

This is when the little boy's bedtime is over, and the dog is always running into the room and lying on the bed next to Parker. Sometimes you just want to sleep with him, other times you want to wake him up for new adventures together.

In the last video, which the owners posted on their YouTube channel, dog Millie gently woke little Parker from sleep and the scenes stole the hearts of many online. Especially from those who have always been fascinated by dogs!

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