Imagine the tough solution of smart math puzzle

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Imagine the tough solution of smart math puzzle

We all need to train our brains sometimes with something we don't usually do.

This digital puzzle is not the norm for everyone, but using it will certainly give you the gray matter of the job you need.

He made many people stop and stared, but others immediately punished him. Can you solve it, and if so, how fast?

I first saw this puzzle and thought the answer was 19 and that the two equations above were wrong. I'm really surprised.

However, there is more math to this numerical verse than meets the eye.

Can you solve it?

The Epoch Times
The Epoch Times

The first sentence is a clear number: 1 + 4 is definitely 5, but then it doesn't follow the next two lines.

When deciding the following two sentences and why the answer is what is certain you will get the last sentence.

The Epoch Times
The Epoch Times

If you specify that the missing number is 19, we will retrieve it. This is a difficult answer and shows that you can think outside the box but there are other answers.

We've established that the first answer is clear but by following these rules: 2 + 5 = 12 and 3 + 6 = 21, don't follow the same pattern.

Number patterns

Follow the answer to the previous equation of the number and add it to the next equation.

If there is no first equation, there is no previous equation, so you add zero to the first equation (0 + 1 + 4), which gives you 5.

The same pattern works for the second and third equations. Apply this rule to the last equation, and you will get the solution.

The Epoch Times
The Epoch Times

Answer for puzzle 40! Do you understand it well? It's easy when you know how.

Share this number puzzle with your friends and family and give them mental training today.

h/t: en.stories.newsner

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