Kind lady's trip to India's heard cries looked over to end up saving stray puppy’s life

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Kind lady's trip to India's heard cries looked over to end up saving stray puppy’s life

She wanted to do something that would allow her to become more independent. Jessica Halzman decided to take a trip to AmeriCorps at the end of the year.

Jessica studied tree protection techniques. That is why she went to India with a group called Sadhana Forest.

Like every other person in New Delhi, Jessica stayed in the hostel. She was traveling and about halfway then hurried to check the poor dog to help

When she crawled out to find out exactly where the noise was coming from, she saw a puppy. The puppy lay on the street next to the hostel where she lives.

When Jessica saw this, she hastily picked up the puppy. It was painful and was seriously injured in some way. Until she got one, she groped the streets to find a vet

According to the veterinarian, it was found that the little puppy had two broken hips and infected wounds. The vet wrapped plastic prints on his legs. When Jessica saw this, she went to the pet store and bought everything she saw to help the poor puppy.

Jessica couldn't understand how she could survive with her friend's new puppy. So she planned ahead. She canceled her flight to Nepal and booked a dog-only bus. She knew that she had to travel with him wherever she wanted.

Jessica plans to travel to Thailand with Delhi, but her mother will take him to the United States from there so Jesse can finish her trip. Until then, she doesn't worry about him, Delhi, when he's with his mother. In fact, she is confident that she will be properly cared for from Delhi.

When Jessica arrives back in the US, she will have plans for her next trip, but now little Delhi will be with her step by step.

Jessica says Delhi will be her adventure puppy because she likes to hike. She says they will travel a lot in Washington and the United States. She hopes to travel around the world with him.

Jessica Halzman wanted to draw attention to the importance of stray dogs around the world. She will of course open her own dog shelter.

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