Lonely Abandoned Dogs Found And Rescued After Their Owner's Passing

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Lonely Abandoned Dogs Found And Rescued After Their Owner's Passing

Cheers to Mac

The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri and Mac Rescue worked together to save dozens of dogs and puppies who were left in a horrific hoarding on the property in rural southern Missouri The owner died and the animals were left on their own.

Mac the pitbull/Facebook
Mac the pitbull/Facebook

Rescuers will take hours rummaging through mountains of trash, crawling through dark areas to find all the dogs, and trying to convince them to come out.

Mac Rescue said on Facebook: "We have no idea how it ended up like that "... We cannot focus on this issue knowing that every story about the cause is deep and intertwined.

And they continued: "We cannot focus on the reason because these dogs still need us and unfortunately no one will know the answer." “As this dynamic, exhausted, and sweaty team loaded them into the truck, we took a collective breath of these eight and are actively working on forming a plan to bring together the others who have separated.

Rescuers found eight dogs and loaded them into their truck to take them to the clinic for treatment and care. Unfortunately, five other dogs have already perished on the property. They seek foster homes until they are ready for adoption.

"Today is a new day for eight dogs with no hope of surviving yesterday," Mac Rescue said. "Today they started writing a new story."


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