Lovely Elderly Couple Took The Same Photo For Every Season.

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Lovely Elderly Couple Took The Same Photo For Every Season.

For some reason it means "a picture is worth a thousand words." Explaining how we feel is one way to convey the message. The other just shows how we feel to each other. Throughout all seasons, this couple took pictures together in front of their home.


In the resulting photo series below, a love story is told without saying anything. It is full of hope, joy, fear, and loss, but it is listed in the most unique way. You will see what we mean - and then I will go



From small gestures that keep romance alive, to tips to overcome the difficulties most couples face



"Accept your loved one just for who they are. Don't try to change them."



The fluctuation of your relationship from time to time does not mean that you and your husband do not match well - just try to imagine life without it and you will understand how important it is to you.


When you love each other, you are determined to make the rugged life path together smoother. When you do this every day, put love and each other first, rather than yourself. It keeps things peaceful.


And then the last one which is a very sad one. I am sure they had a wonderful life together..


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