Miracle puppies survive night fires near Devastated Coffey Park

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Miracle puppies survive night fires near Devastated Coffey Park

In fact, a woman named Linda Hamek followed the Chrada-Chihuahua for two months around the College Avenue areas of Santa Rosa. She was also very pregnant. However, a fire broke out in the Meadowood Estates neighborhood of Santa Rosa, which prevented Linda from being able to locate the stray young woman. After all, she had a residence and property to worry about. The Chihuahua was in sight for several days after the fire was extinguished.

But Linda's eyes widened. One day while wandering around Covey Park, he found Linda Chihuahua with six newborn chicks! They were really born on Sunday, when forest fires took place at night and then exploded in the wine town - what luck! It is currently unknown exactly where Chihuahua's mother hid during the terrible fires, although her mother's instinct protects her and her young people from great danger.

With the help of two gentle neighbors, Linda managed to catch both Chihuahua's mother and her puppies and transport her to the local veterinarian. In addition to getting a flea, everyone has a clean health certificate.

The Chihuahua family now lives in Linda's garage and is currently responsible for its promotion, and Radio Rio Dujma Animal Res Monte can accept it.

"I'm a ray of light in all this darkness," she says happily. :)

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