Old Man Builds A Special Doggie Train For The Abandoned Dogs People Bring To Him

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Old Man Builds A Special Doggie Train For The Abandoned Dogs People Bring To Him

A one special train

That's Eugene Bostick, 86, lives in the suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. Over the years, these dogs have become his family, and one of the main reasons for his happy retirement!

Eugene was always thinking of unique ways to keep his dogs happy, and this is how he came up with an odd idea for a dog train!

An experienced welder, he drilled holes in plastic barrels, hooked wheels into them, and fastened them together like makeshift cargo. Then he hooked it up with a little tractor and designed a wonderful ride for his precious canine family!

This adorable train was an instant hit with Eugene's dogs.

They transform into little tail-swaying babies and starry eyes as Eugene leads them through the woods and empty hallways of the neighborhood.

They breathe the air and smell the sun with the biggest smiles as they watch the world around them go by!

Eugene believes that saving these dogs gives him the goal of continuing to be happy through the sunset years of his life.

Eugene not only opens and turns his house for them, but he also adds another barrel to the train to make sure there is enough room for everyone!

It is a beautiful thing that this man does, if he lives with me then I will help him.

It's really sad that people think it's okay to get rid of their animals ... How about kicking them out when they're no longer wanted?

Our dogs are rescues we just had to put the oldest of them to sleep ... break our hearts ... our pets love us unconditionally ... please treat them the same way.

Watch the warm surprise in the video below:


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