One brave little goat figures of getting on top of the giant horse to play

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One brave little goat figures of getting on top of the giant horse to play

fun goats

Mr. G was lying in his horse barn, relaxing and napping. Suddenly three little goats appeared and started playing and jumping around him. The brave little man thinks he wants to try to reach the top of the gigantic, breathing brown "mountain". He tries to jump, climb and fall many times, but he never gives up. Try this site, then this side.

Finally, he understands it and gets to the top. You can tell that he's proud of himself - his tail wiggles and begins to jump for joy. He's probably flaunting his two friends downstairs.

All the time, Mr. G's patient stands still and lets the little guy have fun.

Once the other two kids realize their boyfriend is having a lot of fun, they join in and try to climb Mister G as well. The second goat quickly finds out how to get on the patient's horse, and soon two goats jump and turn on their backs.

The third goat is much smaller than the other, and unfortunately, she never seemed to be able to figure out how to reach her companions. Poor little man! He tries to go under Mr. G instead of passing him.

Suddenly the lively goats decided they were happy with the brown "mountain" and did some impressive hops off Mr. G.'s back. The three little goats take off and jump, perhaps to see what they can climb.

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