Owner Wants To Abandoned Because The Puppy is ‘Different’

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Owner Wants To Abandoned Because The Puppy is ‘Different’

Stuarts new loving home

A puppy owner wants to get rid of them: one of them, a girl named Lucy everyone loved. She was in great health and was quickly adopted. But for Stuart, he was a little different and nobody wanted it. He was blind and had a spinal defect, and the owner said he bit everything. The man said he would drown the puppy if no one adopted him.

Dennis Muller ended up seeing the Facebook post "Free to a Good Home" and knew he had to save Stuart. She could not adopt it but would sponsor it until a permanent home was found. Once home, the puppy calmed down and stopped shaking. He soon became a loving dog despite his disability.

Funds were raised to give Stuart the surgery he needed on his spine, and once he recovered, potential adopters appeared. He'll end up going home forever with people he just loves. Stewart is now living the life he always deserved!


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