Quick brain game riddle right away: imagine of the fifth sister is doing

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Quick brain game riddle right away: imagine of the fifth sister is doing

Self-interest is a way wareerayaashu looga mind set to work. We all need a little brain stimulation every now and then - especially during all those long hours so most of us spend time on TV or computer screen.

This is one story I love and am excited about - and I'm happy to say I've solved it!

Every time I go back to my grandmother, I find cross-cultural puzzles, sudoku, or other games in the living room. For them, these little brain stimulants hold things - and they are right.

In fact, it is important to monitor one's mental function - regardless of age.

40% solved

3 in 5 people seem to solve the puzzle right away - a very small number if you think about it.

I think it's a mystery whether you are on the spot or not.

Well, take a look at the riddle and find the answer

All five brothers are busy. Anne reads a book, cooks Rose, and Kate plays chess while Mary is washing clothes. What is the fifth sister?

If you've already reviewed the answer, you can really call yourself an intelligent person. You belong to 20% they can immediately recognize it. On the other hand, if you don't come up with the solution, we won't punish you - find it below.

The answer is that the fifth sister plays chess. Kate obviously needs a companion! Many believe that the fifth sister writes the riddle - but playing chess is the official answer.

Don't be too selfless - Share the challenege with your friends :)

h/t: Newsner Stories EN

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