Rare white baby reindeer nestled in the snow

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Rare white baby reindeer nestled in the snow

Photographer Mads Nordseven from Oslo, Norway, has often been walking on the northern roads of the country to capture mountain peaks. During one of these trips, he experienced a very rare setback with a white all-white coat!


At first, Mads had trouble believing that he had received the ring. White helmet blends beautifully with a beautiful Norwegian mountain background, almost invisible. But Mads was shocked when she wore the star and immediately looked into the panonna. Enjoy your creativity with a good smile and camera!

The deer's mother came out from behind the tree and took the baby away. Mads found that unlike the baby's backyard, the other family members were all brown. However, this baby storm is not as good as its eyes and it still has pigment.


Wildlife researchers say white-painted deer have a rare genetic mutation that uses only color. As an ancient Norwegian "Sami" society, white deer cultivation was a sign of wealth. What a great time for Christmas for this lucky photographer!

Click on the video below to see this rare white deer and some similar creatures

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