Rescued Pit Bull Got Gets An Adorable Raincoat To Make Him Feel Safe

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Rescued Pit Bull Got Gets An Adorable Raincoat To Make Him Feel Safe

The owner of the dog gives the dog a raincoat so that it does not dry out from the rain. Incredible, but real!

My son was only a few months old when he was rescued and taken to an orphanage, where he met his new mother and was adopted. The new family took him to live with him in Seattle, and could not be more exciting, until it started once in the rainy season, the first time he met a terrible evil rain

When Oldie was diagnosed with a skin condition, Lennon received it with a hood to protect his exposed skin and keep it warm. After Oldie got the hood, it looks like he probably liked her because he felt safe in her, and that was when Stephanie thought about buying him a coat.

While Stephanie continues the story, her mother found a cute little coat. With a cloak, Oldie managed to wait a little longer than they hoped. He loved a cloak, like a hoodie. He looked very comfortable in a raincoat and came across a seemingly very good rain. The cloak helped him to be brave enough to withstand the rain.

Lennon went on to say that Oldie wasn’t cool enough to hold the hood, but he liked the general idea of staying dry.

Oldie loves a raincoat, if he is for him, he will wear it all the time, although he is a little long, but he still has clothes that he likes to wear around the house.

Seattle - a rainy place, a raincoat and other clothes, thanks to which my old man always felt safe and helped him cope with the rain.

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