Shelter dog Lily escaped from euthanasia end up in a very important job for her

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Shelter dog Lily escaped from euthanasia end up in a very important job for her

It was meant to her to do this.

It was great news for employees working in the recent sheriff's office in Marion County, Florida - they got a new employee. But she wasn't human - she was dogs! Meet Lily, the dog who was almost overlooked due to lack of space in the shelter, as it was adopted in time. The sweet Corgi-Beagle blend is only 5 years old when it was found - and the boy is doing well!

Things went well for Lily - I became a recently approved Sheriff's therapist! Lily, along with her therapist in the local Division of Children and Families, helps calm both children and adults when questioned by crime investigators.

Sheriff Billy Woods said there has been an "extraordinary difference" since Lily joined her, especially during the sensitive investigations and horrific crimes that have allowed people and children in particular to open up to them. Her presence in dogs has certainly had a positive impact on the lives of crime victims living in Marion County.

Lily has already proven to be an indispensable member of the team!

Before starting out as a medical dog, Lily almost faced euthanasia in a local shelter.

Lily escaped from euthanasia when she was rescued to attend Bows & Stripes College, an eight-week program that takes vicious dogs from shelters and trains them for a variety of service jobs. The program was so successful because over 500 dogs have already graduated from this program - and now they lead a better life!

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