Soldier Finally Meets Again The Puppy Who He Saved Months Ago

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Soldier Finally Meets Again The Puppy Who He Saved Months Ago

They were finally reunited a few months later ...

A 30-year-old bomb disposal expert named Sean Lidlo was reunited with a puppy named "Bari" who saved him when he was in Syria on Saturday November 3 at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. Lidlow heard a sob before digging gravel, and found a Chinese Shepherd puppy. Lidlow, who was originally from Hornchurch, Essex, made two 10-year tours of Afghanistan with 10-year-old royal engineers, and then returned to military zones as an expert in bomb disposal. When Sean finds Barry, she is discovered in the ruins of an exploding school. Barry was horrified and surrounded by four dead puppies. She had great fear that she had initially abandoned Sean's leadership, but refused to leave her.

For 3 days, Liddollah ensured her safety and continued to bring her food and water. He even cordoned off the territory because it was not protected from explosives. Three days later, Lidlow gained the puppy's trust and named her Barry when she returned to his camp. Lidlow originally named Barry because he thought the puppy was a man, but later discovered that Barry was already a woman. Barry and Lidlo were inseparable and spent time every day in Racca to bucket until they made a belt from a bulletproof jacket and luxurious bears from a pair of jeans just for Barry. Other Lidlow guys liked Barry, and they gave her new games to play with them every day.

Ledlow was grateful to Barry and said: “Work in the war zone, back to the camp, sitting in his room on his own. To have a companion with whom to play and train, he distracted me from everything that I saw and did there. You can only imagine how bad Syria was when she could return to the camp and train for three hours, take her for a walk and throw such things out of her head. ”

n February, Laidlaw created the GoFundme page to deliver Bari to the UK and managed to raise £ 4,500. Barry was later brought to Iraq in April and vaccinated with Lap War before being sent to Jordan in August, where he was isolated for two months.

Ledlow was ready to go to Jordan to receive Bari. But Louise Hastie, the owner of War Paws, contacted Delleu and asked him to meet her at Charles de Gaulle Airport, because she had already traveled with two dogs from Jordan to Paris. He then made a 12-hour flight from Essex to Paris and arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport on November 3 at 6 am. Ledlow feared that Barry would not recognize him, because he had separated for a long time, but he quickly calmed down when Barry asked to clean his stomach. After being reunited with his owner, Barry is finally home.

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