Stray dog who was adopted by the gas station end up saving employee during assault

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Stray dog who was adopted by the gas station end up saving employee during assault

Gas station staff near Tamaulipas, Mexico, spotted a stray dog. She really caught their attention because she was emaciated and very thin.

Good people gave food, but it was not easy to approach a poor being, because he did not trust people.

But they did not lose hope and did everything possible to help a puppy who needed to be rescued.

Alfredo Marquez/Google
Alfredo Marquez/Google

"We have gave him food, washed and vaccinated him," says Dorado Gerardo Aguilar, the station's owner. "We have accepted that. Now he lives here, and all the workers take care of him."

The beautiful dog was called Randy, and it became a valuable part of every employee's life. They all loved him so much, but no one could even imagine how this brave puppy would make up for their kindness.

One evening an accident occurred. Two armed thieves entered the gas station and asked the employee to give them all the money from the safe and registry. They even physically insulted him, kicked and knocked on the ground.

At that time, Randy was sleeping in the warehouse, but strange sounds woke him and rushed to help his friend.

Here is an exciting moment captured by a surveillance camera:

No one would have predicted the outcome of the accident if it had not been for Randy who saved this day. "We were surprised to see his reaction, and we are of course proud of us," Aguilar said. "If not for Randy, who knows how it will end. Show us his gratitude and happiness."

Gerardo Aguilar
Gerardo Aguilar

Everyone learned about Randy’s bold behavior and became a favorite not only of employees, but also of customers. One of them, Nuria Arellano, even tells how she decided to buy gas here only because she sees and cares for the beautiful Randy.

“It makes him better. "I always call him, go in the door of my truck and bring his face to me." “It would be nice if the culture changed, and more puppies were saved at other gas stations and other stores. Let's hope this happens one day. "

We also think that this beautiful story will inspire others to do good, share it with friends.

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