The Couple Were Wrong Thinking The Puppy To Be A Jack Russell Terrier

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The Couple Were Wrong Thinking The Puppy To Be A Jack Russell Terrier

A woman named Sue Markham brought the puppy home from a local shelter and said that it was Jack Russell's puppy because her husband was not interested in having a large dog at home.

He believed her and agreed to leave him, a puppy named Yoga. However, the Yogi is far from the size of Jack Russell.

It turns out that the Yogi is actually Boston great dane!! After 9 years later, Yogin is Great Dane who is fully grown and healthy. Robert Markham, got surprised after seeing the truth about Yogi

The great Danes of Boston usually weigh 135 pounds, but a yogi weighs 200 pounds, which is 65 pounds more than average weight. Yogi measures 6'11 ”in length! This is the growth of the NBA player!

Because of Yogi's huge size, the couple had to use a horse blanket to keep him warm during the winter. Although it may initially fit the horses, the blanket is perfect for the yogi!

Yogi usually naps on the family bed, which suits him. The couple will sit next to him while he rests on the couch.

Despite his size, Yogi is a friendly and outgoing dog. He even befriended a neighborhood cat, which the couple had named him Toffee

Of course, keeping a large dog means a lot of food. the couple spend on Yogi’s food $235 a month

What would your reaction bring home a small puppy turns out to be the exact opposite in size?

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