The Little Baby Enjoys Watching The Dog Performing A Dance For Her

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The Little Baby Enjoys Watching The Dog Performing A Dance For Her

5 month-old baby girl

One of those artists is a dog named Prince. He is a beloved member of a family with a child. The reason they love it so much is that it still lives up to some antiques that usually end up making everyone laugh. He's a family boxer who loves to do what a lot of dogs do, but he's also part of a comedian. He likes to make "shows" for the family.

In the next video, he watches the family's 5-month-old baby. He appears to be just as proud of her as the rest of the family. Then he surprises everyone with his funny movements and his antics.

He plays one of these chew games. Who knew it could be so fun to play with him!

The family say the prince has always been like this. They got him when he was just a two month old puppy. It was a gift from a family they had known for years. Since he was very young, he has shown signs of closeness to his family. They were going shopping and he will stay home to "look after" her. Then, when they returned, they found that he was waiting for her at the door.

As he got older he became more attached to them and when the baby was born the better. The dog felt he was the official "protector" of the family, and now the baby was included in the package.

There was once the baby started to cry, and Prince quickly went to save the baby. He went to the girl's side and kept trying to make her laugh.

This time, the family knew something fun might happen. So, they pulled out a cell phone to record this sweet video..

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