The Pitbull family chased off a burglar end up saving a 9-year-old's life

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The Pitbull family chased off a burglar end up saving a 9-year-old's life

In recent years, a wave of fear has formed around the bull cave. Many wondered whether or not these creatures made good family dogs. The thing is, people started generalizing the breed based on some stories that were published in the media. The fact that the Pit Bulls were once considered breeding dogs is a different story from these overly loving and friendly dog ​​dogs. As part of the family, they are also very loyal and successful.

For one family, pit bulls turned out to be lifelong. 9-year-old Shane Smith was home alone when a thief arrived at his place. The man wore a mask and intended to steal valuables and possibly abduct the boy, but his intentions were interrupted by a family dog ​​named Baby.

That's when he starts calling out the name of the baby he came to rescue. No one really knows what would have happened if there had been no dog. Thankfully, she did manage to hunt, but when he fought, he pulled the curtains on her before fleeing.

A neighbor, realizing what had happened, called Um Shin and told her about the accident. She returned home as soon as possible. Fortunately, her son was not injured because of his brave and loyal dog.

If a person is there to abduct Shane, as he claims, then that means that the child saved his life. He really is a very special dog

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