The Tiny Birds That Share The Same Look As The Flying Cotton Balls On Japanese Island

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The Tiny Birds That Share The Same Look As The Flying Cotton Balls On Japanese Island

Tiny Birds lookalike Cotton

The dream of every traveler is to go and visit Japan and their lives. Japan is the most beautiful country in the world with the most amazing landscapes, temples, Zen gardens, magnificent trees, many flower species, and impressive animals.

Hokkaido is the second largest island in Japan. It is also the largest and largest prefecture in northern Japan

Shima-enaga Bird

As mentioned before, in addition to the wonderful backdrop, the island is also famous for its wild animals like small bird species. One such species is Shima-enaga, which looks like a cotton cushion.

The bird is a subspecies of the long-cut forest that can be found throughout the Palarctic universe. However, these specific subspecies can only be found in Hokkaido, Japan.

Shima-enaga usually does not like cold areas which are ironic because they live on a very cold island. Species usually live and swim from July to February consists of half a dozen to twenty birds (parents and descendants).

Instagram @goyanagisawa_photography

Their vulnerability to the cold faces that live in flocks and cool down to warm on cold nights.

In addition, to prepare for cold days, Shima-enaga usually requires access to energy-rich foods. The bird is insects all year round and eats arthropods, preferring its eggs. Nevertheless, they also eat great moths and butterflies.

Instagram @goyanagisawa_photography

These birds have the ability to grow up to be 13-15 cm and have a weight of about 7 to 9 grams. That's pretty nice

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