Three Fully Grown Mastiffs Were Rescued While Got Stuck In A Storm Drain

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Three Fully Grown Mastiffs Were Rescued While Got Stuck In A Storm Drain

Successful rescue mission

Cats have a reputation for being curious about mistakes, but dogs are no slouch when it comes to curiosity, either. It can lead them to great discoveries, but there are also times when they find problems.

Just ask the three mastiffs that managed to fall down the rainwater drain.

The dogs in question are Oso, Max and Daisy. They are two brothers and a sister - when not stuck in a rainwater drain, they live happily in their home in Jefferson County, Colorado. Daisy is the “group leader” of this trio, and she regularly carries her siblings to join her on adventures.

This time, they ran away from their yard and hurried to find trouble: a culvert that drains rainwater. It was too much fun to ignore, so they just went down the drain. However, the exit was not so easy.

After apparently getting lost in the maze of dark tubes, the three dogs climbed onto a roadside bank and got stuck there.

Luckily for the puppies, a passer-by saw them and called for help. Over time, the three dogs were released and returned home unharmed.

Their human parents admit that this isn't the first time that there has been a grave to drain storms, but they have now made improvements to their yard, so the adorable but mischievous mastiff will no longer escape.

Here's a great reminder for all pet parents to keep an eye out for your furry friends and make sure they can't have adventures like this trio.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office then posted on social media, “Dogs are funny and curious creatures who love to explore, especially when they are running away from their backyard. to be pestilent. "

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