Two dogs befriends a little cat and becomes her everyday bodyguards.

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Two dogs befriends a little cat and becomes her everyday bodyguards.

the best family ever

A cute cat entered the house with two dogs, a cute black Labrador and a golden rooster.

Five minutes later, he completely took over the house.

Cleo (kitten) has a very beautiful voice and even more personal qualities. She loves games and likes to hang out with them. Auden (Golden Retriever) immediately showed off her favorite stockings and tried to seize power. The dogs put the cat's mattress and legs very well, so Cleo put her to sleep and slept on Auden.

In order not to overestimate the dog's loyalty, Axel (Black Lab) proposed Cleo in a cage.

Cleo bought these expensive gifts because she was a cat. Everyone now happily lives together under Clio's care indefinitely..

unidentified owners Cleo, Auden, and Axel then decided to set up social networks and create an image account. As for the calculations, their relationships in daily routine are bold and boldly documented.

These activities include plenty of sleep, hugging, play shows, and cat litter without shame. It is unclear who is responsible for this distance.

Cleo grew up as a good adult and looks happy with her future home, as well as with her trusted partner. Who said cats and dogs do not live or hold on together?

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