Vet Cat Did Not Miss a day of his work at the animal hospital

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Vet Cat Did Not Miss a day of his work at the animal hospital

After finding La Pew wondering on the streets of Florida, she was escorted to a pig shelter where she was seriously ill and hesitant. He was then diagnosed with brachycephalic airway syndrome and a severe urinary tract infection, and rescuers had to shave completely because his coat was in poor condition, including all mustaches and mustaches. After all the shaving process and all, the poor cat looked like a pug.

La Pew6 was later placed in a smaller shelter and stopped in a foster home, where she met Jessica Lormann. By chance, Jessica visited her family in the foster family of Florida, and there she immediately fell in love with the poor sick cat and realized that La Pugh should be in her family.

Jessica told Dodo that La Pugh was very sweet and special, when her boyfriend and husband invited her to adopt her, she could not refuse. So she talked with the agency about her adoption, and when she took over, yes, she immediately booked her ticket and took Le Pew with her to NH.

She also said that despite her cat face and short temper, she was the prettiest cat and could instantly adapt to her new family. She began to get along with other cats.

Most people never believed that Le Pew was actually a cat, but despite all this, she was a very calm cat among people, even those whom she had never met, and she behaved very calmly.

Because she had to be shaved, she does not have the incredible fluffy that most Persian cats have and that is what made her look like a weird pug than a cat. Although Jessica said that she’ll be fluffy again with time. It is so inspiring how she was able to get such a loving mom that accepted her despite all her past and how she looked like a pug.

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