Well, few get it right as illusion plays a role to lie about what we actaully see

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Well, few get it right as illusion plays a role to lie about what we actaully see

Solving puzzles helps strengthen the connections between brain cells. It also increases the generation of new relationships. In turn, it improves mental speed and thought processes. Cut puzzles are especially good for improving short-term memory.

However, good school math can be a great way to keep this brain fresh and sharp - it's great for your health to exercise your mind on a regular basis.

It is just as important to have a decent body, especially as you get older. Plus, it's always fun to beat the challenge; you end up pumping blood!

Wherever you look today, you can see tips on how to have a long and happy life. There are exercises here and a special diet there. What you barely see are tips on how to keep your brain healthy.

There are, of course, many different ways to keep your mind sharp as long as they take place in your routine.

Perhaps the most common examples are crossword puzzles and sudoku, but lately one of the oldest types of puzzles has emerged.

Good ‘ol maths

On the Internet, it has become a trend for people to challenge each other to see who can solve them faster, and it's not about the super-difficult puzzles that only a genius can solve.

No, the puzzles are just old mathematical problems, like the one I encountered in school, which, on the other hand, becomes very difficult considering the time that has passed since then.

To solve it, we must try to remember the observation methods and logic that the teachers sent at the time.

How many triangles are there?

Here comes the challenge. It's not the right math, but I do remember an engineering teacher who gives us a similar problem in school.

Below is a picture - and the question is: How many triangles are there?

How many did you find? The answer will be below the following image.

There are quite a lot of triangles

The correct answer is 13 triangles, that is, option C.

First, there are nine small triangles, that’s the easiest part.

Then we have three larger triangles that are made up of four small ones.

Finally, we have a big one that consists of all the other triangles.

9 + 3 + 1 = 13

Did you get a correct answer? Congratulations to you if that’s the case, you are really sharp! :D

h/t to TheLaughBible

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