While Spending The Day Having Fun The Dogs Come Home From The Daycare

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While Spending The Day Having Fun The Dogs Come Home From The Daycare

Dogs hop the bus to daycare

But what about dogs? If the kids are at school and mom and dad are at work, it leaves the dog at home alone. Dogs can feel lonely and bored and even develop separation anxiety. In a city in Nova Scotia, there is a second "school bus" that ferries dogs and takes them to the dog care center!

The bus, operated by the Good Hands Boarding Kennel, rides the Scotch Lake-town of Cape Breton Island daily. Regardless of the weather, dogs are picked up from their homes; There is no need for a group of dogs to wait at a specific stop!

Once dogs get on the bus - and seem happy to know they have left for a fun place - they are introduced to their boxes (this keeps them safe and sound on the journey). Once the bus reaches the nursery, the furry passengers are dropped off from the bus to canine paradise.

Good Hands dog daycare is a true dog playground. They can roam freely, take advantage of amenities like a swimming pool, throw or fetch balls, swings and other play equipment, and sand traps for those times when the instinct to dig becomes so overwhelming. Some dogs are sent to the nursery with backpacks full of favorite toys and treats!

It was Rachel Haggett, co-owner of Good Hands, who came up with the idea of ​​creating a school bus: “If dogs can't do that for some reason, I hate the idea that they are sitting at home.

All-day, bored or caged when they can play here. : "We have to go get them!"


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