Woman and her dog filmed performing such a incredible dance together

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Woman and her dog filmed performing such a incredible dance together

Too many people upload look over for videos to YouTube, in which they train their dogs to dance off a sick or as a “dancing dog”, so we looked up for a perfect story of a dancing talented dog.

Talent shows, dance shows and singing competitions - I saw it all. Or at least we thought until we stumbled upon another type of competition, one that includes dogs dancing alongside people.

Now, if you can finally learn your dog's tricks and listen to them when you ask them to sit, sit or bring your ball and feel very proud of you and your dogs, you might feel a little disappointed after seeing why he is capable of boarding called Lizzie.

Lizzy and her owner, Sandra Roth, who has been dancing ballet for 24 years, performed an amazing dance show at the European Open in 2014 and ended up winning not only the first prize, but also the hearts of many.

The competition is a free dance for dogs in which dogs and their owners perform an amazing set of routines. Since some of these shows are just fun to watch, Lizzy and Sandra have appeared and watched her video more than 10.5 million times.


"Lizzie has been learning tricks and free moves since she was a puppy. But I had a lot of problems and it wasn't an easy dog. So Sandra focused mainly on her social behavior, not dog sports."

We are sure that the ability to reach this level of excellence on stage requires a lot of work and time, but it is definitely worth it.

Make sure you see these two dances in the video below. And if you love her as much as we love her, please share it with your friends.


Check out the incredible performance in the youtube video below: :)


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