Woman keeps finding pink flowers on her porch every day she catches her secret admirer

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Woman keeps finding pink flowers on her porch every day she catches her secret admirer

Moving to a new home can be scary and exciting. Partly because it always takes some time to adapt and accommodate the new area, but also because you do not know who your neighbors are.

I hope you have a very good neighbor who feels it is advisable to order a cup of sugar if needed, but I also heard horror stories about the neighbors that make the lives of those around you difficult.

When Rosie moved to her new home in the UK, she suspected that one of her neighbors could be a secret supporter. Every time you go out, you find a pink flower on the edge.

At first, I thought the wind was blowing outside her house, but the weather was not related to this view, and why was it just for the pink flowers that ended outside her house?

She then began to suspect she had a secret fan.

One day when she was preparing dinner, she gave him a glass of support. She was a flower girl with her mouth.

She ran to bring her camera to record the flower girl at work.

This angry little hero enters Rosie's balcony again and again to leave a small gift of flowers. The artist was younger than his neighbor 'Willow'.

YouTube / Love Meow
YouTube / Love Meow

He met Rosie Willow when he moved, but he didn't know he was excited.

It didn't take long before Willow started staring out of Rosie's window and didn't wait for Rosie to send it.

But Rosie is not the only one to leave Willow with flowers. It is very popular in the region and has at least six gardens.

He clearly loves us because he stole the flowers (and he was) and left them on top. At least ten flowers before I know that. She told Rosie LoveMeow. .


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H/T: LoveMeow

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