Woman went to order for her autistic sister she received the nicest treat from kindhearted waitress

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Woman went to order for her autistic sister she received the nicest treat from kindhearted waitress

An autistic child refuses to eat the food provided to her. Her sister was amazed by how the restaurant staff handled the situation and she posted that on Facebook.

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"I want to share the experience my wife and sister, 7-year-old autism, today at Chili's in Midville, Utah. Ariana, my little sister, never wasted any time when our waitress Lauren greeted us at our table. Ariana immediately requested a cheese burger. With pickles, french fries and chocolate milk before that even Lauren even asked for our drink. Lauren smiled and decided to Ariana, "Okay! I will be back with your chocolate milk! "When we got our food, I was wondering why Ariana didn't touch her cheese burger, but she was going to Medina on French fries.

I asked her, "Ariana, are you going to eat cheese burger?" "No, I don't want to," she said calmly. Cheeseburger, or "Krabby Pies" as we sometimes call it, is her favorite! So this behavior was very strange. So I asked her, "Why don't you want that?" She replied, "It is broken. I need another stable one." Then Ali dawned why you didn't eat it. Because it was cut in half.

Being an autistic child, she must have certain things in a certain order at all times. A slight change in her routine can instantly change the course of the day. When Lauren came back using us, she asked if we could order another burger and add it to our check. She had a worried look on her face, so she explained that Ariana had autism, and she is, in her opinion, because the burger cut in half, she thinks it is broken and to use her eating.

I told Lauren that I knew it looked funny, but if we could ask for more, we would like to pay for it because there was no mistake in the one who was originally released.

Lauren was so sweet and smiled and went with Ariana and said to her, "Did I get you a broken sandwich?" You know, I'll make them make you new! “I wanted it because, instead of putting it off the table, Ariana actually sold what she was doing.

Although this seems unimportant, we told Ariane what she was doing, avoiding melting. Manager Bradley Cutermall then came to our table, knelt and said to Ariane, “I heard we gave you a broken cheeseburger! I am sorry!

After a few minutes, Lauren returned to our table with cheese hamburger no. 2. Ariana said, “OH FANKI! When I left Lauren, Ariana sat there for a moment and looked at her new burger. She seemed deep in thought. I just looked at it. I threw a big slogan: "Oh, I missed you !!" And I started kissing the burgers again. This picture was shown by Lauren and I said, "I think we celebrated a lot of raw hamburger!" She laughed and asked if she could go and show her superior.

She came back a minute later and said she showed them all in the back kitchen, making everyone laugh and smile. I was interested in this experience. Especially as I know people who were asked to leave restaurants when their child had autism.

Source: Anna Kaye MacLean/Facebook
Source: Anna Kaye MacLean/Facebook

I expected some different things in this scenario based on past experience, but I did not expect such compassionate and compassionate manipulations from Lauren and Bradley. Everyone, from the hostess to the chef, played a role in what most people thought was not important. But that's exactly how he spent the rest of our time.

I know ... cutting the cheese in half can literally light up or spoil our day. In this case, thanks to the professionalism of the crew at Midval, we have taken the time. And I'm sure Ariana shone at least one day with her stupid child. Well thank you. "

Source: Anna Kaye MacLean/Facebook
Source: Anna Kaye MacLean/Facebook

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