Yorkie snow got up in the morning to gets happily ready to see snow

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Yorkie snow got up in the morning to gets happily ready to see snow

Look at Lulu's reaction to the first snow. This video was filmed in Bayport, New York on January 23, 2005, after a snowstorm. It's funny how this dog is incapable of facing reality.

The owner wore Lulu in cold weather conditions, so she wears a blue knit jacket and she is very excited to go out for a walk.

Some dogs like to change the weather, especially when it snows and white things are scattered everywhere. We have come across many videos of canines that have their best moments in the snow. But is it really the nature of every dog ​​that loves to play in the snow? This video will answer that!

Scratch it. Here is the answer: No! It is not always like to see a dog enjoying snow. In fact, some of these creatures are a little suspicious of all the white things that characterize their homes. You must watch this video to understand it!

Here we have a lovely owner with a cute dog named Lulu. When a snowstorm hits the neighborhood, the owner Lulu wears a nice blue jacket to keep her warm, then leaves her out in the morning. Now you need to know what happens when the Lulu exits the gate and meets the snow. She does not like anything.

The dog turns and escapes again! this is funy. Watch and share!


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